What is the awakened warren?

On my 50th birthday, all my dead relatives stopped by. ALL of them. And they wanted to chat.

They brought a simple message. “You’re at a crossroads in your life, and your future hinges on the choices you make today. Choose wisely.”

So, no pressure.

Thankfully, that simple message also came with some guidance and suggestions. Also thankfully, my best friend/roommate/partner-in-crime Samantha is clairaudient and was able to pass along those messages and guidance. One of the key pieces of instruction was that it was time for me to start sharing openly about my experiences surrounding my spiritual awakening path and hearing the call of my soul’s mission, and that I need to start writing consistently and identifiably about what I’ve experienced and will experience day-to-day, and that I even (lawdy mercy, help us all) need to get used to doing videos about it.

Samantha and I had sort of spoken of this before, just briefly and not in particular depth. But we had certainly discussed how I had a unique voice to speak to those who, like me, are opening up to our awakening –our transformation– and are fulfilling our life mission without any of the “flashier” spiritual gifts like she has. Part of my own healing, in fact, has been to explore and talk openly about how easy it is to feel like you’re playing “second fiddle” to someone who has the type of gifts that impress –the visions, the voices, the prophecies– rather than being gifted in the ways that simply support these life missions, such as the resourcefulness, the grounding and anchoring, the sounding board, and the logical observer (and occasional comic relief) that I’m able to provide to the mission that Samantha and I have taken on. The impression that I’m “not as important” in all of this because my gifts aren’t as visible and often don’t feel particularly supernatural has been a struggle for me. But it’s a struggle that I’ve been steadily gaining the upper hand on, and so we had discussed how my experience might one day speak to others who are in the same boat.

Aaaaaaaand apparently that day has come … and that boat is sailing.

So let me welcome you to The Awakened Warren, where we can burrow deep into the magic, medicine, miracles, and mysteries of the everyday awakening. A place where I’ll share my experiences, a little bit about what I know, and a lot about what I don’t. A place that I hope will become a living illustration of the magic that weaves around us, about us, through us, and in us whether we are aware of it or not. So I welcome you on this journey with me to awaken to the reality of what we can’t see and don’t yet realize we can feel.

I welcome you to stop by regularly to see the latest addition to The Daily Dig, where some days you might find a full-on article, and then other days it could just be a short affirmation or prayer or maybe just a two-sentence truth that I’ve been pondering, and there might even be days I just want to tell you a funny story or relay a fascinating “coincidence.” But hopefully, most days there will be a little something that speaks to someone on a level they most needed it. Oh, and the day you stop by and find that I’ve started making a video or two? Well, that’ll just be a whole lotta not right, right there.

So take a look around. The Awakened Warren –like the rest of us– is a work in progress. I’ll be adding more and more content every day, and I recommend starting with the “Where Do I Start?” post where I go into some detail about the ideas, tools, practices, and resources that have been helpful to me as I navigate my own awakening, and might help a few of you along your way, too.

~Amy Warren