Why Astrology

I was raised Christian, where astrology is more than frowned on, it’s a tool of the devil. As a child, my grandmother was gifted and believed in astrology, among other practices. Alas, what was novel at the beginning of my life, turned into something satanic that wasn’t to be spoken of, let alone practiced.

As an adult I became even more devout in Christianity. It was everything to me. I studied, prayed, and believed more than anyone, but because of my clairaudience, I was still always on the outside. I had pastors tell me God doesn’t speak to us directly anymore, so that could be Jesus or the Holy Spirit I was hearing. When I’d ask, what’s after “this” (meaning the basics of Christianity) I was told, there is nothing else, you just enjoy this and bring other people to church.

Those answers really didn’t set well with me, but I believed in my heart and soul that Jesus lived in my heart, was a part of me, and spoke to me all the time.

In all the study, research, and living I’ve done, nothing has done more to strengthen my belief in God than my study and practice of astrology.

Once you see the workings of fate, you can no longer have any doubt. If things occur by design, then there must be a Designer. And if things are written in the stars, there is only One who could have possibly written them there.

I had a conversation once with a dear friend who’s family had also chosen Christianity over things like astrology and tarot, and he nearly feared those things. He begged me not to have anything to do with astrology, but I said to him what I’m saying to you now… astrology IS God. It is He who placed every star in the heavens with great purpose, the purpose to reach the beloved creation he was going to place below.

And for those who think Astrology is ludicrousy, the problem is not with astrology, it’s with the uneducated view and use of entertainment astrology. Astrology is a complex, layered understanding of the heavens and their energy. To truly understand astrology, you have to understand mathematics, history, and astronomy. The attack on astrology is not because it’s “evil”It’s because Kings of long ago realized the astrologers had more power than they did. They set out to turn the people against astrology and astrologers, and what better way than to use the church?

This premise – that astrology is inherently evil – has a fatal flaw – it only holds if astrology does not work. If astrology DOES work, then that means that predestination exists, which presupposes the existence of God.

There can be no plan without a Planner, no design without a Designer.

True astrology is anathema to atheists and devil worshippers, for it presupposes that there is a Divine Power out there somewhere whose Will and Authority is greater than our own.

If astrology does work, then messages have been written in the stars, and there is only One who could have done so.

Certainly the devil did not set the planets and stars in their orbits. Writing is an intentional and purposeful effort at relaying information. It is a form of communication. It is implicitly understood that whoever is doing the writing, wants and intends for communication to occur.

If God wrote us a message in the stars, He damn well intended for it to be read.

Imagine if God wrote you a letter.

Would you not open it?

God has a plan for our lives, and because He did not intend to keep His plan a secret, He wrote it at the very moment of our birth, on the absolute biggest thing He could find – the sky itself.

And that is why I believe so deeply in astrology, and why every day when I check alignments and energy, I am grateful for a loving God who’s deepest desire is to communicate with me.