Why “the awakened warren”

As I explained in “What is The Awakened Warren,” on my 50th birthday, all of my dead relatives stopped by. ALL of them. And they had a message:

“You’re at a crossroads in your life, and your future hinges on the choices you make today. Choose wisely.”

And apparently the choice I needed to make that day was committing to sharing more openly about my spiritual awakening experience, to start sharing it consistently and identifiably, and it was even mentioned that it was time I got comfortable doing videos.

With the guidance so clear about what was being asked of me, and with “intention” being 9/10th of how we make things happen, it seemed essential to clearly signal this new direction of blogging and eventually vlogging, and it was crucial that I make a visible commitment to it as quickly as possible. So over the next couple days, I set about deciding what my “brand” would be for the blog, and with creating the first logo and header for what would eventually be The Awakened Warren.

I’ve frequently found meaning in the assortment of animals who have presented themselves at pivotal times to bring me a message, so I knew my first step was to see which animal was stepping forward to be part of the brand, or at least to push me in the right direction.

As I looked about my environment for inspiration, I considered a few of the animals that grace my living room walls and shelves in pictures and figures, but none were talking to me too loudly. Then I caught a glimpse of a card that had been sitting on my endtable for a few days with a totally cute little bunny on it. I’d already glanced over it a number of times, dismissing the bunny because it seemed a bit of an obvious sighting since my birthday also happened to be Easter. But the bunny was just. so. cute. I picked up the card and then realized it wasn’t as on-the-nose as I thought it was. This was a birthday card, not an Easter card, and there might be meaning in that distinction

.I decided to look up what wisdom and medicine the bunny brings when rabbit hops into your life, and I saw a few connections to the qualities I like about me and to what I’d want to incorporate into the site:

  • …Just like the rabbit symbolism, you crave for anything that will bring you happiness. In turn, you like to bless others with your joviality, wittiness, and cleverness.You are highly in tune with the world and its surroundings. This encourages you to be contemplative and to live each day in a conscious manner.The rabbit spirit animal also encourages you to surround yourself with positivity that will benefit the body, mind, and soul.Eat healthily to take care of your body so that you will be fueled each day to live your dreams.The meaning of the rabbit resonates with personal transformation. Although rabbits can slip through even the stickiest situations, they are also the most common ‘victims’ in the animal kingdom.It’s time to stop being a victim. Trust in your abilities because you are good enough, and know that you will only be a victim if you will continue to allow it….

So bunny it was! I was pleased with the connections with blessing others with joviality, living consciously, making healthy choices, and with stepping out of victimhood, and I loved how I could build it.

But I didn’t have a name for the brand yet. I knew it would come, so I continued using my resources to stir ideas. I was keeping in mind that part of the message from my family and guides that day was that I am –at some point and in some way– to be a powerful healer, that I will be in service to others, and that there will a time in the not necessarily distant future when my gifts will in some way be a lifeline to some who are lost or suffering. It’s a lot to ask from a blog and from someone, so I went to a few of my oracle card apps for inspiration, and was coming up with cards reminding me that I would be taking on a guardianship role to someone or something that is vulnerable, and would be creating a sort of home or shelter within this blog.

My mind mulled over the idea of shelter or home with the rabbit, and I tried to remember what a rabbit’s nest was called. Apparently I didn’t pay enough attention in nature class, because in the end I had to resort to the google. What did I find? Rabbits live in warrens. Yes, warrens. And I had my name!!! I mean, literally, I had my name!!. 😉 This wasn’t a coincidence, and I felt the incredible “Aha!” moment when it happened.

Beside the fact that it was my actual name, using the word “warren” in the brand spoke to me on so many levels and in so many layers. I loved that “The Awakened Warren” not only described me as an individual, but that it could also come to describe the little community of awakened souls that I hope will eventually thrive here. In addition to a warren being a shelter of sorts, I also considered that rabbits are animals that spend their lives close to and within the earth, and as a Taurus –a fixed earth sign– I also am deeply connected to the Earth and love to visualize my energy anchored at her very heart, and am sure that my ideas on the importance of grounding and anchoring within our Mother Earth will be mentioned again and again here. That rabbits are known for digging and burrowing into things seemed a perfect fit for all the deep exploration I hope to do here, and since I do plan to touch on taking care of our bodies with fresh, healthy foods, envisioning a little “rabbit food” being in play also seemed pretty darn appropriate, as well.

So there you have a little background of how the name came about. And I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey of awakening, as an individual and as a collective, and let’s see what magic we can create.

~Amy Warren